Summer is over! Kids are back at school! Now what?

Summer is over, kids are back at school, so what is your excuse now? Nothing! When it comes to fitness, weight loss and health there are so many excuses why not to get started, right?  Well actually no!  There comes a time to step up and take control of your health, your body, your time and your life!  So when is Now that time? Let’s face the truth here!  Summer is over, kids are back to school and the season to travel is over so life is back to normal, correct?  The answer is yes! So how do you regain control over all these factors of life? First of we must make a decision about what is most important in life. Second we must decide what it we truly want out of life is. Third we must create a plan Fourth we must take action on that plan. Lastly we need to see that our plan and the actions are getting us and evaluate if there are changes that need to be made according to the results we are getting! Let us take this formula ad apply it to our fitness and wellness. Let’s say for example you want to get healthier and lose some weight this fall.  Let’s assume this isn’t the first time you have “tried” and maybe not really achieved that result you thought you were after. To accomplish this this time and make it last let’s run the process through the above formula and see how it would look! First off you will need to decide exactly what it is you want to accomplish.  Two rules here are write it down and be very precise!  To simply say I want to lose some weight is not compelling enough to get you to take action!  You may specifically state I must lose 20 pounds and change my body composition by 10% and when I do this I will feel amazing because……! Second we must get really clear why we want this.  Because I want to see a different number on the scale is not the real reason!  It is the feeling that will give you is what you really are after.  Take a few minutes and close your eyes and honestly ask yourself what will it feel like when I have reached this goal, how will I look?  How will I feel?  What will be better in my life? Who have I become by creating this change?  Ask those questions in a state of mind of complete expectancy and your brain will deliver the images and the feelings like you are already there!  After you reach the state of complete belief and you have seen and felt what you will be like…open your eyes and get ready for the third step! Third map out exactly what it will take to achieve the change and how long it will take!  Be sure to write down resources you already have,  (click here to read more)