6 Ways to Rekindle The Flame

Some psychologists maintain that the feeling of intense romantic love only lasts about 18 months to three years at the most.  Nobody has time for a, can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t breathe without you kind of love.  But while it doesn’t seem possible in today’s busy world there are ways to maintain a healthy balanced relationship and find the time to reignite the passion within your fizzled flame even when 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough.  Here are 6 simple ways to keep the fire burning! 

1. Reach Out and Touch Someone: Preferably your partner but you get the drift. With over 2500 nerve endings in the fingertips alone, the power of touch has the ability to change your mood and even the slightest brush can turn us on.   We often forget how important human touch can be, especially in our relationships. On average a person needs to touch or be touched at least 12 times a day just to feel good emotionally. When is the last time you touched your lover? A hug, a gentle stroking of the arm, holding their hand in public, or even brushing your fingers thru their hair can rekindle that sense of desire.

2. Everyone Loves A Compliment: It sounds so simple giving the one you love a compliment; but with the conflict of today’s overly hectic GO GO GO lifestyle who can find the time? Well, you can! Technology is literally at our fingertips 24hours a day. It takes two seconds to send a text. Here are a few options to get your started. ( You looked so handsome/ beautiful this morning, I can’t wait to see you tonight, I love how safe you make me feel, I’m so lucky to have you in my life,.) Now if texting seems a little too impersonal and you want to crank it up a notch then you can leave them handwritten post it notes strategically placed where they will find them. Be specific! I think you’re so sexy when you________, Remember the time we _________, I love the way you___________. Keep it positive and keep it personal.

3. The Unromantic Romantic Gesture: Many times we think that being romantic has to be over the top. Candle lit dinner, with 12 long stem red roses, moonlit stroll and fireworks over the water. Well while that is an excellent idea it’s not very realistic as a weekly occurrence.   Sometimes the smallest things can make the largest impact on someone’s heart. Knowing exactly how they take their coffee or tea and making it for them.   Knowing their favorite lunch spot and surprise them by bringing takeout to their office. Take them to the movie they really want to see, even though it’s not something you’re interested in. Doing this unprovoked will give you major bonus points.

Interracial Couple In The Kitchen4. Take Turns Planning Dates: Doing new things together releases oxytocin in the brain which is one of the chemicals that makes you get that fluttery feeling.   When you experience new things together not only do you grow as a person but your bond as a couple becomes stronger. Twice a month take turns planning a date. Try thinking outside the box. What is something you’d like to learn or do? If you’re are the busy executive type and don’t have a lot of time to plan something special or unique then you can request the expertise of a date consultant to help take care of the incidentals. This way you and your lover can focus on each other and enjoy the moment.   Also….when you go out together….leave your cell phones in the car! Take this time to reconnect with each other. Facebook will still be there when the date is over.

5. Never Stop Flirting: Usually we think of flirting as something you do to show the guy or girl you want to date that you’re interested in them.   But why would that stop once you’re in a relationship. Besides the fact that it’s an ego booster, it’s also a fun reminder of when you first started seeing each other. The excitement and uncertainty you felt.   The thrill of the chase and the fulfillment of capturing your conquest. How sexy would you feel if the man that you’ve been with for over a year, who’s seen you without make-up, hair a mess, and morning breath suddenly starts flirting with you again as if you just met? Exciting right? Now don’t forget to show the same flirtatious love to your man. Men are just as susceptible to positive attention. A lengthy come hither stare and slightly subtle comment about his bulging biceps will give his ego can the boost it needs to accelerate his desire for you.


6. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane: Remember where you first met? Your first date? Where you had your first kiss?   Your favorite place to grab coffee together? Your secret getaway spot? What about where you knew that you were in love with them? Now I am the first to admit that sometimes life gets in the way of your relationships but it’s always a wonderful escape from the mundane to take a trip down memory lane with your love.  Remembering your relationship in its early moments when everything was fun and exciting can rekindle that flame. You can even use this as an option for Tip # 4

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Much Love, LM