10 Top Tips To Deal With Ants This Year

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Deal with Ants Fast as Ants can be a right pain, especially if your garden is full of them and they find their way inside. But how can you avoid an ant infestation this season? There are some simple tips you can apply to help with your ant problem until you can call out a professional local pest control company.

1. They Hate Vinegar

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One of the main things to remember about ants is that they cannot stand the smell of vinegar. So, if you have an infestation anywhere and apply a combination of water and vinegar around the area, these unfriendly visitors will move elsewhere. This is one way to deal with ants in the home, but it will only be a temporary solution.

2. Cover Your House Foundations

The foundation of your home is particularly vulnerable to ants, especially if there are some small openings through which they can enter. Fortunately, there are some organic repellents you could consider; this includes clove oil. However, the easiest one is still talcum powder. Simply put some near the location where ants are entering your home. Once again, remember these are not really permanent solutions to deal with ants.

3. Mint Is Your Friend

Vinegar is not the only substance ants have a problem with, because they do not like mint either. If you want to avoid ant infestations for years to come, you could consider adding some mint plants around your home. The closer to the foundation the better, as this will discourage them from finding places to enter your home.

4. Orange Peels And Hot Water For Anthills

When you have spotted an anthill, there is a "natural" way to eliminate these pests from your garden. Add some fresh orange peels and warm water in a blender. Then, pour the mixture into the anthill in the morning. Please notice that the time you pour the mixture in is important, as doing so in the morning makes it much more effective.

5. Eliminate Ant Trails Inside Your Home

One of the biggest problems for homeowners is an ant trail, as this trail contains a pheromone trail that other ants will follow. Therefore, it is important to eliminate the trail as soon as possible.

Once you have removed the ants from the trail, always clean the area thoroughly; this to eliminate the pheromones ants will be looking for. Depending on the location of the trail, you could use some soapy water, a good all-round cleaning product, or diluted bleach.

6. Apple Vinegar For Trails

If you do not prefer to use harsh cleaning solutions in your living environment, you can use some simple apple vinegar to eliminate ant trails inside your home. Ideally, you want to add 1 part of apple vinegar and 1 part of water to a clean spray bottle.

To eliminate the ant trail in your home, spray the trail with the solution. Then, wipe the trail and the ants until none remain. Once they are all gone, go over it again with the vinegar and water solution to eliminate the pheromones and prevent further infestation.

7. Close Up Entry Points

Even the smallest cracks in your foundation, windows, or even weatherstripping can be an entry point for ants. If you notice ants frequently in one area of your home, it is time to block off all those entry points. Reseal the windows and fill up cracks in the foundation. If you cannot find the entry point, you can also ask a professional to evaluate the room.

8. Keep Food Stored Away

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Food that is laying around on your home kitchen or restaurant can be a major attraction for ant, especially if it concerns some sweetness. Therefore, is is important not to leave any food on the counter and do your dishes as soon as possible. Of course, this also applies to other insects.

9. Manage Pet Food Bowls To Deal With Ants Annoying Pets

While you may have no problems keeping your kitchen counters free of foods, what do you do about pet food bowls? Fortunately, there is an easy way to prevent access to ants. Simply place the pet food bowl in a larger bowl and fill it with water; this will create a moat around the food and prevent ants from gaining access.

10. Call The Professionals and Deal With Ants Properly

If you are encountering a serious ant problem that cannot be solved by the tips mentioned above, it is time to call in the professionals. An exterminator can take care of your ant problem in minimal time, and you can start enjoying your home and garden again.