First Ever HIV+ Restaurant Is Ready To Open For Business | Squawker

First Ever HIV+ Restaurant Is Ready To Open For Business | Squawker

Casey House, (the first and only stand-alone hospital for people with AIDS/HIV) Tweeted an invitation to anyone willing to put their lives on the line. Perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but surly I’m not alone in feeling discomforted. Their Tweet reads:

Join Matt Basile and his team of HIV positive cooks at the first- ever HIV positive eatery! 

Of course, following the tweet was the hashtag #SmashStigma. It costs $125 to eat at this restaurant who only employs those who are HIV positive. So here’s your choice: either A) pay your electric bill, or B) feel really uncomfortable in Canada in the name of “social justice.” Hmmm, such difficult decisions…

On a more serious note, the “stigma” is there for a reason. Until recently, you couldn’t just knowingly spread this life threatening disease without consequencesNow, it’s like a badge of honor, something to flaunt and carry with pride. Christian Hui Tweeted this:

Why is he honored to have an incurable disease? What about that makes him proud? Does he get +5 oppression points, or something? Here is a link to the site. View it at your own risk. 

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On – 28 Oct, 2017 By Alisha Sherron

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